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TriApidix300 is one of the most effective dietary supplements available on the market. Developed using the best natural ingredients it provides an effective protection and gets extremely fast results. You will see the difference within just a few days!

  • reduced weight (up to 17lbs in a month)
  • enhanced metabolism
  • reduced appetite
  • better well-being

Boosted metabolism

Fast metabolism is the key element to a rapid weight loss. Doctors all over the world agree that slow metabolism negatively influences the process of losing weight as well as considerably delays fat burning effects. TriApidix300 enhances your metabolism in a completely safe way for your body. What is more, it reduces the appetite. These two processes greatly influence the weight loss process in a short period of time.

The power of nature

TriApidix300 is a dietary supplement which in a safe way boosts your metabolism and reduces the appetite. The unique formula of our product, enriched with tyrosine and guarana, black pepper and bitter orange extracts, removes toxins from your body and releases energy that has been blocked by fat. These ingredients counter lipogenesis and accelerate lipolysis, which prevents the excessive accumulation of fat. The natural extracts improve blood circulation as well as inhibit any inflammation development. Our product improves your well-being, strengthens the body and protects it from various infections.

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Lose weight with TriApidix300

Lose up to 17lbs in a month! The fight with fat was never so easy! People who regularly used TriApidix300 lost approximately 17 lbs. Their BMI value fell by 10.2% and their body fat decreased by 15.6%. Do not wait and order TriApidix300 now! Get a slim body in just a few weeks!

triapidix300 slim figure - effective weight loss
Triapidix300 Diet Exercises
Reduces appetite YES NO NO
Enhanced metabolism YES YES YES
Instant effects YES NO NO
Toxin-free body YES YES NO

Don't be fooled by the cheaper substitutes! When ordering TriApidix300 you can be 100% sure to receive an effective and completely safe product!


Tyrosine – greatly reduces your appetite and blocks the absorption of fat. What is more, it improves your immune system as well as increases your energy, which is produced from fat tissue.


Guarana extract – eliminates lipogenesis, which is responsible for the process of creating fat within the organism. Guarana is also an excellent cleaner for the blood vessels.

black pepper

Black pepper extract – makes it easier for the body to absorb TriApidix300 and use its potential fully. What is more, the extract increases the lipid barrier of your skin thanks to which all the ingredients of the supplement are active.

bitter Orange

Bitter orange extract – stimulates blood circulation as well as seals and strengthens your blood vessels. Bitter orange inhibits the inflammation development. Additionally, it removes dangerous toxins from your body.

natural ingredients

Doctors confirm the effectiveness of TriApidix300:

For many years doctors tried to find an effective product that would be both safe and highly effective. After years of research and thorough analyses, we managed to create TriApidix300 - a product that comprises both of these features. Thanks to its unique ingredients, it boosts the fat burning process and you will quickly lose the unwanted pounds.

If you want to lose weight without any diets and difficult exercises - TriApidix300 is the right choice!

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Every day we receive hundreds of gratitude letters from people who are satisfied with the TriApidix300 treatment. Become one of them and achieve success!


Anna, 44 years - 22 lbs

I worked as an accountant in a small regional company. The crisis got our company too and I've lost my job. I couldn't find anything else to do and I quickly became depressed. I began to "eat" my problems and stress. I gained weight very fast. Each day, when I looked in the mirror I felt shame, my body was utterly repellent. Luckily, my husband stood by my side and did not let me lose myself in that tragic situation. One day, while I was looking for a new job by browsing hundreds of job offers on the Internet, I came across TriApidix300 advertisement. At that moment I decided that I'll give it a try, so I ordered the first pack. I had nothing to lose. After two weeks I already lost more than 13lbs without any side effects. TriApidix300 was the key element that changed my life! I've changed my way of thinking. In total I've lost 22lbs, now my body looks great and I've finally found a job!


Dan, 33 years - 13 lbs

Diet is not for me. I just cannot say no to sweets, grilled pork in the season, bacon and many other tasty things... I love to eat and that was the cause of my problems. I stopped going to the gym when I started a family, when my little girl came to this world. Now I spent most of my free time with her after I come back home from work. A sedentary lifestyle was the final nail in my coffin. Some time ago, it simply began to bother me. Finally, my wife found TriApidix300. Together we ordered it just to try it out, without expecting any spectacular results. At first I did not believe that only 2 pills per day could help, but within the first month I began to notice that I've lost weight. TriApidix300 is a revelation - I eat everything that I want and my belly is getting smaller each day!


Eve, 29 years - 26 lbs

As far as I can remember I was obese. I had tried nearly every "magic" diet pills but none of them gave the expected results. I really wanted to lose weight. I even thought about liposuction. I was desperate and ready to do nearly everything to get rid of this fat. I said that TriApidix300 would be the last product that I'd ever use. I had enough of unfulfilled expectations and constant problems with my weight. I began my treatment without expecting any significant results. I only wanted to lose a few pounds in a few weeks, just to live a normal life. TriApidix300 turned it upside down! After a week I've lost 8lbs! For the first time I wasn't constantly hungry and my metabolism reached its maximum capabilities. I felt that my body was toxin free. I gained energy and motivation to do something with my life. I write this, because I want to share my story with other people. If I managed to do it, so can YOU!



We offer the best quality product. TriApidix300 is one of the most effective dietary supplements available on the market. It will deal with your excess weight in a safe and natural way! We are certain that our product works. That is why, if you are not satisfied with the TriApidix300 treatment results we will return your money!



1. What are the ingredients of TriApidix300?

TriApidix300 is a natural dietary supplement, which will help you lose the unwanted pounds rapidly. It is a revolutionary product which was tested by a group of experts. It is 100% safe and effective. TriApidix300 consists of mainly tyrosine, which reduces appetite as well as blocks the fat absorption. Guarana extract is responsible for eliminating the lipogenesis process, and black pepper extract enhances the absorption of the supplement. Additionally, bitter orange extract stimulates blood circulation and seals blood vessels.

2. How does TriApidix300 work?

TriApidix300 greatly enhances your metabolism, as a result your body burns fat much faster. Apart from this process, it also removes dangerous toxins from your body, which may be hazardous to health.

3. Do I have to exercise or follow any strict diet while taking TriApidix300?

Absolutely not! TriApidix300 works independently. You don't have to spend hours on the gym, where the effects may become visible after many weeks. TriApidix300 works even if you do not follow a strict diet.

4. Is TriApidix300 for everyone?

It is a completely safe and natural dietary supplement. However, if you suffer from serious health problems, heart problems, or you are a pregnant woman - we advise you to consult with a doctor before deciding to use TriApidix300.

5. How to use TriApidix300?

The recommend dose is two capsules per day with lots of water, 30 minutes before a training or a meal.

6. Is TriApidix300 on prescription?

No. TriApidix300 is a product composed of 100% natural ingredients, and therefore ensures complete safety and is available without a prescription.

7. Where can I buy TriApidix300?

TriApidix300 is a clinically tested supplement, which is only available via this website.

8. Can someone find out that I am using TriApidix300?

The privacy of our Customers is our top priority! Our products are packed in ordinary boxes and are delivered directly to the given address. Therefore, there is no possibility that someone finds out what you have bought.

9. How long will I be waiting for the parcel?

The product is sent within 2-3 working days, and delivered in a discrete box by a reputable courier service.

10. Is it possible to ship abroad?

Certainly. In order to meet our demanding Customers' needs, we deliver all around the world. Delivery time might vary. For foreign orders we require payment in advance.

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